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We have to think about the new shape of your website.

We have to think about the new shape of your website and therefore analyze what you like and what you don't. What do you already have and what do you lack. Here is the list of the first questions that will allow us to properly identify and master your website design or redesign project

General Questions

1. What are the goals in redesigning your website? (ex: increase transactions, visit duration, increase the number of sessions per customer, etc.)
2. Are you considering a total overhaul with new features or simply changing the look of your current site?
3. Have you given thought to the vendor selection process?
4. What are the strengths of your current website?
5. Which sites best represent what you want from your next site and why?
6. What sites do you dislike and why?
7. According to you, what are the success criteria for the redesign of your site?
8. What is the most important thing you want to communicate with your website visitors?
9. What budget is available to you for this redesign?
10. What is the list of domain names you use?
11. Have you identified the CMS you would like to use?
12. Have you identified the specifications of your web hosting needs?

The company and the market

It is essential to know your target and to have defined your personas. You will build your website around your users, and in this way, you will optimize the user experience.

1. Who is your target clientele?
2. Have you ever designed personas?
3. Who are your main competitors?

The internal organization

Whatever your reasons for redoing your website, your strategy should involve your entire team. Surround yourself with a team that will represent each of the company's departments. You will discuss all aspects of the project together. This requires excellent organization and you will need to identify the role of each of the stakeholders.

1. What deadline have you set for putting this new site online? Is it related to a particular event (launch, anniversary of the company, etc.)?
2. Who are the internal stakeholders who will be assigned to the project?
3. Have you set up a decision tree (responsible, people to inform, decision makers)?
4. Do you plan to set up meetings with your team to follow the progress of the project? If so, how often?
5. Have you taken into account the holidays of the various stakeholders in the development of your schedule?

Canadian School: They trusted us with their Private website and Private databases

The Content Of Your Website

Content creation is a must to attract visitors to your website. Today, 70% of people prefer to learn about products through blog posts rather than traditional advertising. It is not enough to write content. Quality and updated content will enrich your natural referencing. This step is therefore crucial to retain your current customers and attract potential customers.

1. Have you identified the content to keep, optimize, delete and those to revise?
2. Have you thought about the types of content you will integrate? (audio, video, etc.)
3. How do you deal with website photos and images? Will you need to hire a photographer, or do you already have visuals available?
4. If you don't already have a blog, are you considering getting one? If so, what content would you like to find there?
5. Will your content be written in-house, or will you need the help of a firm?

Tools And Features

1. Do you use a newsletter sending platform (Mailchimp, CyberImpact, etc.)? If yes which one? If no, we can code a personalized one from scratch with your preferences: (case of Youmatterimpact foundation: receiving new subscribers and messages directly to the Gmail account provides by the foundation).
2. And are you planning to insert a registration form on your new website?
3. Do you have to plug in external software such as ERP, CRM or automated marketing software (ex HubSpot)?
4. Will your website be multilingual?
5. Will the new website be transactional? If yes, have you identified the payment platform (ex: PayPal or Stripe)? If no, we can code a personalized one with your preferences and types of account to link: (case of RCCG(Redeemed Christian Church of God))
6. If you want a chat module (or chatbot), have you identified the solution you want to integrate?
7. Do you think you need an internal search engine for your website?
8. Would you like to integrate a calendar for events related to your business on your website?
9. Would you like to display advertisements on your website?
10. Will your site pages be required to announce that they use cookies in accordance with certain country requirements and follow privacy best practices?
11. Are you planning to have a member-only section of your website for your company members?

User Behavior

It is essential to have a detailed understanding of the behavior of your users, that is to say, to know how they capture information on your website or what content attracts them. Again, this will help us with the design decisions.

It is extremely important to identify the content that is of interest to your visitors on your present website with analysis tools like Google Analytics. Content that generates visits from search engines should be carefully reviewed. Although your current website no longer suits you, there are probably content pages that are generating quality visits.

google analysis img

1. Which pages are the most viewed right now?
2. What downloadable content or documents are consumed the most?
3. What are the top user exit pages to optimize?
4. From what sources is the traffic coming right now? Should improvements be made to this page(s) to optimize it?
5. Why do users come to your site and what do they expect to find there?
6. What are the different user journeys and how can you improve the user experience?

The Performance Of Your Website

There are many SEO tools that will allow you to optimize your site for web referencing and therefore improve its visibility in search engines.

1. What are the important keywords in your market for the purpose of making an SEO tree?
2. What are the keywords for which your site generates very good results?
3. It is crucial to take into account and follow performance indicators to develop quality traffic on your website. Understanding your traffic is knowing the profile of your visitors, it is a competitive advantage.
4. Have you thought about your performance indicators?
5. What metrics are you currently measuring? Which would you like to measure in the future?
6. Do you have a strategy to improve your conversion rates?

Haris Fotso

Receiving the International Exclusive Leadership Award

Haris Fotso

In Cameroon during a seminar with the minister of youth and the minister of IT and Post Telecommunication some national TVs 📺 stations interview

Haris Fotso

In Cameroon during a seminar with the minister of youth and the minister of IT and Post Telecommunication some national TVs 📺 stations interview

Haris Fotso


That's it! You have gone through the questions to ask yourself before redesigning your website with us.

Bottom line:

an in-depth analysis of your website's performance will help you determine your needs so that your new website fully meets your expectations. It is not enough just to have good answers, but to ask the right questions according to your context.

You might think it will take you longer, but it doesn't. Your website redesign project must be well analyzed before starting. As they say: “There is no point in running; we have to leave on time”. Do not confuse speed with precipitation. Wanting to do it quickly does not mean hassle. In other words, to do something quickly and well, you have to redouble your concentration and not skip steps.

Your new website must satisfy you and your users so that they have the best possible experience! Moreover, in order to help companies that must proceed with the drafting of a call for tenders for the design or redesign of a website, we have grouped together the relevant elements that must appear in your document.

In order to help you, we can share a form that we have designed with Google that will allow you to quickly share the questions you have selected with your team member. To do this, all you have to do is download the question document and respond to the email you will receive afterwards.

If you want more explanation on the different points mentioned, Haris can advise you on developing objectives for the redesign of your website. You can schedule a meeting with one of our experts by clicking right here.


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